Timber Harvesting and
the Logging Process

Buying Standing Timber

Do you own a Midwest property with mature standing hardwood timber? If so, Buchan Sawmill & Logging can help you maximize land use, improve forest health, conserve wildlife, and identify potential revenue streams – all through our selective cutting and land management services.

We buy veneer and grade-quality standing timber, specializing in walnut, white & red oak, hickory, hard and soft maple, cherry, poplar, as well as other hardwood species. We have markets all across the United States and around the world to provide you top dollar for your standing timber.

Buchan harvests trees in a sustainable way that encourages continued growth – the experts at Buchan can help you protect the land while using it carefully and properly. Call us to learn more and find out if your trees are suitable for harvest!

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Ned Buchan: (260) 223-4732

Standing Timber

When you accept an offer from Buchan to buy your standing timber, you can rest easy knowing your working with a selective cutting company that values your land. Our process is designed to provide clients with maximum profit, while still maintaining the integrity, health, and production of the land, for generations to come.

Buchan’s knowledge of the right timber to harvest is the key to
your success period! We have trained hard and we work smart so your
timber harvest will turn out the way you want it to.

We put Great Effort into closing out your timber harvest.
We understand it’s your Future. It’s Your Land.