Career Opportunities

We offer great careers for great people!

We're offering a unique opportunity to gain experience in woodland management and proper timber harvesting. Working with us, you'll learn from people who have excelled in the industry due to many years of hard work.

We're often looking for:

  • Equipment Operators
  • CDL Truck Drivers
  • Lumber Stackers
  • Inspectors
  • Timber Production Specialists
  • Log Yard Operators


Interested in joining our team, great! Review our current open positions listed below and contact us with any employment questions you have.

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Timber Cutter:

​Our Timber Cutters start their day on the job site conducting equipment safety checks prior to entering the woods.  Once all team members are present and safety checks are completed the team begins their hike to spend their day in the forest. Timber Cutters are expected to locate marked trees, fall timber, and remove branches and treetops for our equipment operators to remove the tree from the woods.

Timber Cutter requirements:

  • must be in good physical health, some lifting required

  • must be capable of walking through wooded areas while carrying a chainsaw

On the job training available:

  • identifying tree species

  • identifying boundary and timber harvest areas

  • operate and maintain a chainsaw

If you are interested in becoming a Timber Cutter please contact our Buchan Logging Office (260) 749-4697 and schedule a time to fill out a written application.

Lumber Stacker:

Our Lumber Stackers spend their time in our Sawmill located in New Haven, Indiana where they stack lumber as it is being produced in our sawmill.  Lumber Stackers sort the various sizes of lumber by its species, lengths, and grade into packs and prepare them for shipment.  Lumber Stackers are required to use chainsaws in the instance that a board needs trimmed.

Lumber Stacker requirements:

  • must be in good physical health, some lifting required

On the the job training available:

  • lumber inspection

  • operating and maintaining a chainsaw

  • how to sort lumber distinguishing by thickness, length, and grade

  • operate and maintaining sawmill machinery

  • learning the National Harwood Lumberman's Association lumber grading rules

If you are interested in becoming a Lumber Stacker please contact our Buchan Sawmill Office (260) 749-4697 and schedule a time to fill out a written application.


Equipment Operators & CDL Truck Drivers

Skidder and dozer operators

Experienced CDL truck drivers

Daily tasks include:

  • Operating and main tenance of heavy machinery, skidded, dozer and wheel loader
  •  Work with timber cutter to follow work plan
  •  Haul logs from job site to mill
  • Game of Logging Training


Log Yard Operators:

  • Scale in and grade logs for inventory.
  • Operate and maintain wheel loader to load and unload trucks for inventory processing.
  • Identify log species



Class A CDL Driver:

As harvest season quickly approaches we are in need of Class A CDL drivers.  Our drivers are responsible for the hauling of grain from various farm locations back to Farmers Grain & Ag. Additionally, drivers may be required to haul grain to other local end-users.

Driver requirements:

  • Must have a valid Class A CDL

  • Must have clean driving required

If you are interested in becoming a driver please contact our Farmers Grain & Ag Office (419) 495-2338 and schedule a time to fill out a written application.