About Us

A Passion for Forestry

Our family owned and operated businesses are the product of hard work and dedication from the Buchan family. Founded from the passion for forestry and farming the two high school sweethearts Dan and Luanne Buchan started Buchan Logging in 1985. As business continued to grow for Dan and Luanne the need to begin a sawmill quickly arose. In 1991, the young couple founded Buchan Sawmill located in New Haven, Indiana. With Buchan Logging harvesting the highest quality timber it was no surprise that the Buchan Sawmill would be sawing the highest quality graded lumber and continuous to do so to this day. As growth continued with no slowing down in the foreseen future Dan and Luanne began their next endeavor together as property owners and farmers. With their dedication and hard work from themselves and their children, the Buchan family quickly became successful at producing high-yielding Corn, Soybean, and Wheat crops. As the Buchan family farms continued to grow, Dan and Luanne seized the opportunity to acquire their own grain elevator in 2006 located in Willshire, Ohio called Farmers Grain & Ag. The grain elevator continues to aggressively expand to meet our communities agricultural needs.

Our founders Dan and Luanne Buchan along with their six children Clif, Brent, Ned, Nan, Jay, and Wayne continue to keep the Buchan family momentum moving. If you are a driven and dedicated individual who would like to be a part of our team contact us today to and see how you can join our momentum.

Indiana Logger of the Year!

This annual honor is presented by the Indiana Tree Farm Committee and the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association and selected by a group of peers that share a passion for the world's finest hardwood products, and a determination to maintain the sustainable productivity of our nations forest resources.

Buchan has been honored with the prestigious recognition on three separate occasions, proving that our history of excellence with our craft has been pasted down throughout the generations.