Sawmill Operations

Buchan’s sawmill operation has been producing high-quality hardwood lumber for almost 30 years. Buchan’s specialized production focuses on thick stock lumber, Walnut, White and Red Oak, grade lumber, construction lumber, cants and more.

Buchan has invested in a new state of the art facility in New Haven, Indiana.  This will allow control of the timber supply chain - direct from woods to finished lumber. The sawmill process today is much more sophisticated. After a log enters the mill, it is de-barked and bucked to length and then it is scanned. A computer then determines the best yield for that particular piece of timber, be it dimensional lumber, timbers or both. Buchan seeks to maximize the yield you receive from each log.

Because we harvest the trees ourselves and follow each piece of lumber through sawing, sanding and milling, our team can control quality and color every step of the way.